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Club Membership Perks

Monster Cock Menu!

Every Collection is accompanied by a special menu that showcases every cock that you can expect in the Collection's Sticker Drop themes. Use this menu to store your cock stickers and learn more about each one!

Never Miss A Drop!

Get early access to each Sticker Drop! You will be first in line to receive new Sticker Drops and you can rest assured that you will never miss out!

Special Edition Stickers!

Each drop will come with an exclusive sticker that is either clear or holographic – depending on the Sticker Drop – only earn-able through the club membership!

Discounted Prices!

One year of membership costs less than purchasing each Sticker Drop and bonus item individually. Plus, get bonus discounts on any Sticker Drops you gift or merch you pick up!

Member-Only Merch!

Some special merchandise will only be available to Smut Clique members! Use this merch as bragging rights and to rep the Smut Clique!

Monster Postcards!

With every Sticker Drop released, you will receive a special 4"x6" postcard of the theme's key monster to accompany your main Collection postcard!

Exclusive Discord Role

Get access to an exclusive Discord role on the Monster Smut Sticker Club Discord server, along with a channel only accessible to subscribers!

Discord Sticker Packs

With every Sticker Drop released, you will gain access to the same stickers from the Sticker Drop as Discord stickers for you to use in all your Discord servers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you subscribe, you will automatically receive all the previous Sticker Drops you may have missed from the current Collection along with your next Sticker Drop delivery.

For example: If you subscribe and the active Collection has four Sticker Drops planned and the current active Sticker Drop is the third one (which means you've already missed the first two Sticker Drops): You will receive Sticker Drops #1 & #2 along with your delivery of Sticker Drop #3 – which is shipped out immediately after your subscription is activated – and Sticker Drop #4 will be shipped to you one week before release.

Yes you can, however your subscription will remain active until the end of its term. This means that you will still receive the Sticker Drops until the end of the active Collection. After cancellation, your subscription will not be renewed once it has reached the end of its term. Unfortunately, we do not do full or partial refunds of Smut Clique subscriptions.

Anyone that purchases a Sticker Drop or MSSC merchandise is considered to be a Monster Smut Sticker Club member! If your Discord account is connected to your MSSC account, you will automatically receive the club member role and get access to the club member channel.

Smut Clique membership requires an active Smut Clique subscription. It gives you access to exclusive bonuses, discounts, and a different Discord role and channel that are exclusive to Smut Clique members. You can learn more about the difference here!

Not at all! You can purchase Sticker Drops without a Smut Clique membership.

The Smut Clique membership is the equivalent to purchasing all the Sticker Drops in the current Collection in advance, with the benefit of getting extra goodies, free shipping, and a cheaper price overall!