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About Us

What Is MSSC?

The Monster Smut Sticker Club is an exclusive club of monster fuckers & monster romance enthusiasts that expresses its love for the genre through collectible, themed stickers available for a limited time as Sticker Drops!

Our goal is to become the leading source for explicit monster stickers and merch, and we work with independent artists to create beautifully unique stickers that represent all our favourite monsters and their sexy body parts.

Who Are We?

We're a dynamic group of passionate individuals looking to deliver the best in explicit monster romance stickers – Founded by a woman and made for monster smut enthusiasts!


Interested in collaborating?
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  • Teresia


    Founder, Product Director

    Founder of Orcus & Vanth, leading the charge on the Monster Smut Sticker Club product development – from conceptualisation and strategy, to packaging and shipping. Also in charge of social media and marketing.

  • Andrew-David


    Art Director

    Directing the artwork for the Sticker Drops, merchandise, and marketing. Also in charge of the website.

Orcus and Vanth

Orcus & Vanth

Orcus & Vanth is a tiny merchandising company founded and run by a single very passionate individual. Using the Monster Smut Sticker Club as our flagship product, we plan on exploring the monster smut merchandise space further in the near future!