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Sticker Drop 1: Exile into the Wildlands is Here!

Our very first Sticker Drop is here!

Sticker Drop 1: Exile into the Wildlands is Here!

A few years back, if you told me I’d be starting a Sticker Club, I would’ve laughed. But here I am, embracing the unexpected and loving every bit of it. It’s been quite a journey, and today, I’m ecstatic to introduce you to our very first Sticker Drop and welcome you to our little corner of the internet - the Monster Smut Sticker Club!

What is a Sticker Drop, you ask? It's a set of exclusive and explicit stickers themed around a specific keyword. We have four Sticker Drops planned for the 2024 Collection – this means one Sticker Drop released per quarter. Sticker Drops are limited in stock, so once we run out of stock, it's gone for good (except for the reserve stock we keep on the side for Smut Clique subscribers – more on this below)!

For this first Sticker Drop – with "Primal" as its theme and titled "Exile into the Wildlands" – we collaborated closely with a talented artist to craft completely original and exclusive designs. Rest assured, no A.I. art here – just genuine creativity and passion poured into every piece! The Key Monster for this Sticker Drop being a seductive red Dragon named "Raust".

Joining the Monster Smut Sticker Club isn’t just about procuring some explicit stickers (though, let’s be honest, they’re a big motivator)! It’s about finding your tribe, your people who get it. Whether your preferences lean towards art, books, games, audio, or other forms of expression, or if you simply enjoy being part of something exclusive, you're in the right place.

You are stepping into a judgment-free zone where your love for monster smut is not only accepted, but celebrated! No more awkward conversations about your monster smut collection – here, you're among friends.

Here's everything you get when picking up this first Sticker Drop:

  • 10 beautifully illustrated, 3"x3" premium vinyl stickers (Dishwasher safe & weatherproof)
  • A uniquely designed storage pouch to store all the stickers from the 2024 Collection
  • A sticker sheet containing all the stickers in smaller format
  • A 5"x7" postcard featuring all the Key Monsters from the 2024 Collection
  • A "Club Member" Discord badge (if you've linked your Discord account)

As a Club Member, you get access to a member-only Discord channel, community events, and sneak peeks of upcoming merch!

And you can join the Smut Clique for even more benefits! As a Smut Clique member, you get:

  • All four Sticker Drops in the 2024 Collection
  • An additional clear or holographic sticker with each Sticker Drop
  • A 4"x6" postcard of each Sticker Drop's Key Monster
  • A special "Cock Menu" to showcase the cock stickers from each Sticker Drop
  • A "Smut Clique Member" Discord badge
  • Access to Smut Clique-only merch
  • Discounts on all merch and Sticker Drop gifts
  • Access to Discord stickers

Help us celebrate the launch of our first Sticker Drop! Follow us, tag us, use the #MonsterSmutStickerClub hashtag, and share our stickers! We'll be keeping an eye on social media and sharing what you have to say!

Now come on in, grab a seat, and let's spread our love of monsters together. Join the Monster Smut Sticker Club today and find your people!