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Monster Romance Books with Tentacles

Extra appendages, like tentacles, add an unusual element to monster romance books, making them stand out in a way that other books do not.

Tentacles books
Monster Romance Books with Tentacles

Monster romance books, a sub-genre where humans and non-human beings find love, often blending fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction. Extra appendages, like tentacles, add an unusual element to these stories, making them stand out in a way that other books do not.

Curious about how these books play out? Here are 10 monster romance books with tentacles to get you started!

1. Cosmic Kiss: An Alien Burlesque Romance by Clio Evans

Stella is a rising star in her intergalactic troupe. Focused on her blooming career, she never expected to be blindsided by one handsome alien, let alone two.

Prince Zin and Chancellor Toras are determined to win their dazzling human over, even if they have to put their differences aside. The two sexy space hunks will do anything for Stella. Worship her, seduce her, charm her— and protect her from the mysterious poison spreading through the troupe.

A fateful encounter leads to an unforgettable cosmic kiss that puts this trio in the spotlight of love. Will Stella, Zin, and Toras follow their hearts and shoot for the stars?

2. How To Get A Girlfriend When You're a Terrifying Monster by Marie Cardno

Life is tough when you’re an eldritch abomination.

Trillin isn’t technically a person. She’s a tiny breakaway piece of consciousness from the all-devouring Endless, doomed to eventually rejoin it. But when a human witch stumbles into her world, Trillin suddenly has a new reason to figure out individuality–one shape-shifting tentacle at a time.

Sian is sure important magical discoveries are just around the corner, if she can just get her portals to work reliably. Reaching the dimension of the Endless without being eaten on sight is a dream come true, and Sian is determined to explore every bit of it. For science, of course, not for the strangely adorable life-form who keeps popping up and trying to… flirt?

But Trillin’s world can be a dangerous place, and keeping Sian safe might risk drawing the attention of the Endless itself–which will swallow Trillin up along with all her dreams of humanity. Together, can this unlikely duo escape the Endless, figure out the optimum number of appendages, and maybe even find love?

3. Tentacles & Triathlons (Leviathan Fitness) by Ashley Bennett

Leviathan Fitness is the favorite place of monsters, muscles, and a tentacled creature who can seduce even the hardest to win over human.

When parks department supervisor Reece Rollins decides to sign up for a triathlon– there are two things holding him back. One, his fear of monsters. Two, his sub-par swimming skills.

At the urging of his sister’s wolven mate, Reece joins Leviathan Fitness to train in the gym’s olympic size swimming pool. After running into Reece at the pool, Cyrus offers to help Reece get ready to win the race.

New feelings arise from the depths as Reece and Cyrus learn that monsters and humans go together, tentacle in hand. The only question is- can these two hold on to their new found love despite their differences?

4. The Kraken's Mate (Iriduan Test Subjects) by Susan Trombley

I escaped an alien research facility, but my troubles are far from over.

The Iriduans who experimented on me did something to me that changed me. I’m sure of it. Why else would I feel so strongly drawn to the monstrous Nemon, the alien test subject who helped all of us captives escape from the clutches of the Iriduans?

It’s true that Nemon’s face and upper body are so handsome that he could be mistaken for a Greek god, but below his waist, tentacles writhe constantly, and they’re always twisting in my direction like he can barely resist wrapping them around me.

Yet, I feel safer with Nemon than I’ve ever felt in my life, and I can’t help thinking about how it would feel to surrender to his truly alien embrace.

What did the Iriduans do to me? More importantly, what kind of monster lurks behind the sweet and deceptively innocent mask of the male I want to make my own?

5. Stalked by the Kraken (Monstrous Matches) by Lillian Lark

A matchmaking witch, an ancient sea creature, and the sex contract they make. Welcome to the Love Bathhouse where desire and acceptance are in the water.

The Witch Celibacy is a bad look for a matchmaker.

Especially a matchmaker who works at the kind of paranormal bathhouse that would have grandmothers clutching their pearls. A worse look is a matchmaker experiencing a crisis of confidence. I am that matchmaker.

We need raw magic, desperately.

And now a mysterious man walks into my office, offering me the exact solution I need. The problem is that he wants to be matched… with me. Matching doesn’t work for me; I found that out the hard way.

The Kraken I saw her and the creature inside me wanted.

She doesn’t want a relationship. She says that the most we can have are the three nights she promised me, but the dark part of myself isn’t going to let the woman who snared its attention go.

I found her. I hunted her. She’s mine.

6. Treasure of the Abyss by Tiffany Roberts


Despite her longing for the sea, Macy has clung to the safety of land for half her life, devoting herself to her daily routine — until she agrees to go sailing with a childhood friend. Her fears come to fruition when a sudden storm capsizes their boat, rekindling her old terror. She awakens to a rescuer who is anything but human — and he refuses to let her go. Treated like a curiosity and a possession, she's desperate to go home. Yet Macy is undeniably drawn to this strange creature. Can she give up her old life, her family and friends, to embrace this adventure…and Jax?


Jax the Wanderer is a hunter, an explorer, and an oddity among his kind. While other kraken are content near their dens, Jax is driven by a deep need to journey far and wide, discovering the unknown corners of the sea. Macy challenges everything he's known; she is the most alluring creature he's ever seen on his travels. He must possess her, though he knows it can only end in disaster. How much is he willing to forsake for the female he desires?

7. Kept by the Kraken by Ami Wright

We’re only faking, so what happens when I’m really falling for the gorgeous kraken billionaire?

I’ve lost my job and my rent is overdue. So when a monster billionaire offers to pay me to come to his sister’s wedding as his fake girlfriend, I’d be crazy to turn him down.

Gudroshcruka is a kraken, but that doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, the more time we spend together, the more I find my heart and…other parts, entangled. And it’s not just about the way he can’t seem to keep his tentacles off me! Rosh looks at me as though I’m special. No one’s ever looked at me that way before.

He isn’t looking for anything serious, though. Every time we get close, he pulls away. Can I convince him to keep me around when the weekend is over?

8. American Werewolf in Space (Not Your Mama's Alien Romance) by Alisha Sunderland

On board this spaceship I’m only certain of two things:

  1. The movies lied to me.
  2. I’m about to mark an alien and take him like the beast I am.

Look, I didn’t believe in aliens either — until I was abducted by them.

Waking up on board a spacecraft among several other naked, terrified women prisoners mostly ruled out my government lab fears. Thank God.

But just in case, I tore our captors limb from limb.

That’s when I discover our fellow prisoner — General At’ens. This alien is different from the others, mostly because he’s about ten times stronger, ten times — ahem —bigger, and... no. He can’t be my mate.

The things I’m imagining us doing are something no shifter should be contemplating with an alien. But if I’m going to hell, I’d rather earn my place...thoroughly.

My desires are about to become the least of my problems however, because like it or not we’re now embroiled in a vicious war of the planets — and that includes Earth.

If I want a home to go back to, I need to focus.

Yep, I’m screwed.

9. The Basilisk of Star Manor (Tempting Monsters) by Kathryn Moon

The basilisk, Marius, is Star Manor’s latest client, but he arrives fresh from an offer from the Manor’s greatest enemy. The innocent young woman he is matched with for a companion challenges what he knows of his own nature and poses a problem for his bargain.

Can a cold heart thaw, or will a venomous man remain a poison to those he sinks his fangs into?

10. Nepenthe (We are Nepenthe) by Octavia Hyde

“It will take the whole night at least,” he said, “to implant all my eggs.”

The colony planet is a death trap. Only the tiniest fraction of humanity survives the gruesome rejection virus. And then the aliens arrive. The Nepenthe, too, seek a new home world, but discover instead a species capable of incubating their precious eggs: humans. The two dying races can either reach an agreement to help each other live on … or prepare for extinction.

If you’ve read or are considering any of these, you might enjoy our tentacle stickers!

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