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Introducing Sticker Drop 02: Beasts from the Abyss!

We're ecstatic to reveal the theme and title of Sticker Drop 02!

kraken mermaid stickers
Introducing Sticker Drop 02: Beasts from the Abyss!

Sticker Drop 02 arrives on June 29th and we're super excited to announce the upcoming Sticker Drop's theme and title!

Introducing: "Beasts from the Abyss" – our upcoming Aquatic-themed Sticker Drop!

Plunge into the ocean's depths and explore a world beneath the waves, where the ocean's mysteries come to life.

Journey through sunken cities and coral labyrinths, where ancient secrets and treasures lie hidden among vibrant marine flora. Encounter sea creatures, from beautiful krakens and enchanting mermaids to elusive nagas and selkies, each embodying the beauty and danger of the deep. The aquatic realm pulses with energy, as currents swirl and bioluminescent creatures light up the darkness.

Let this mesmerizing pack draw you into an underwater adventure where every sticker tells a tale of wonder and the allure of the ocean's depths.

If you're a fantasy romance, paranormal romance, or general monster smut reader and enjoy all things tentacles, mermaids, nagas, and krakens – then this Sticker Drop is for you!

Along with this announcement, we would love to introduce you to the Sticker Drop's Key Monster: Ephyra – An alluring Kraken with a name given by one of our very own community members: MissSydneyNyx!

Below is her full character sheet!

Important note: If you haven't purchased Sticker Drop 01 and are interested in doing so – make sure you get your hands on it before June 29th! When Sticker Drop 02 launches, the previous Sticker Drop will transition to only being available to Smut Clique members!



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