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Author Interview: Jenifer Wood

Author Interviews with Jenifer Wood, author of the beloved orc series: 'Abandoned on Niflheim'!

Jenifer Wood author interview
Author Interview: Jenifer Wood

Welcome to 'Author Interviews with Monster Smut Sticker Club', where we spotlight the brilliant authors behind your favourite monster romance novels. In each post, you'll discover the inspirations, challenges, and creative processes that shape their extraordinary stories.

We're thrilled to welcome the author behind the Abandoned on Niflheim series [Jenifer Wood](!

Jenifer Wood is an author of high steam, low-angst monster romance. As an anxiety sufferer herself, her goal is never to give her readers stress. There will always be a happily ever after. Jenifer lives in Southern California with her proper English husband, and their identical twin gremlins. When not writing, she can be found rewatching episodes of Great British Bake Off or rereading her favorite smutty scenes from other monster romance authors.

You can find their books on kindle unlimited, their website or check out their patreon for early access chapters, exclusive NSFW art, signed paperbacks, merch, and a lot more!

What lead you to realise you wanted to be a writer? And when did it occur?

Jenifer: I have always written. I realized I wanted to write full-time when I was young, but I thought it was impossible and knew I would get eaten alive by the publishing process--I can be a delicate flower. It wasn't until I found the book community that I was able to give myself permission to even try fiction. Before that I had kept a blog for 10 years. The idea of making up a whole world seemed daunting, but it has been amazing.

What was the most surprising lesson or self-realisation you encountered while writing your books?

Jenifer: I have a thicker skin than I think I do. I was terrified the first time I handed a WIP over to an editor or a critique partner--fully expecting the feedback to make me cry. Turns out I take constructive criticism really well and have learned quite a bit about writing and my craft in the process.

Which authors, if any, do you draw inspiration from? And why?

Jenifer: I am very lucky to have a great group of author friends I lean on daily. They are there as cheerleaders, critique partners, and brainstormers. They are, first and foremost, my inspiration. As for authors outside of my tight-knit community, I have to acknowledge that I didn't even know monster/alien romance existed until I picked up Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. Her ability to write sweet and spicy stories made me need more and more and more.

What is your favourite moment from your series (Abandoned on Niflheim) and why?

Jenifer: Oh some of my favorite moments are from my upcoming book, that isn't out until August. But of my first two? Probably when my FMC has to explain to an orc what a lumbersnack is.

What important advice would you give a first-time author?

Jenifer: If you find what you are writing is boring, your reader will too.

Out of the available stickers in Sticker Drop 02, which is your favourite?

Jenifer: Webbed Finger play

Here is Jenifer's upcoming release: