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Author Interview: Ash Raven

Today, we're excited to welcome Ash Raven, the talent behind The Librarian of Souls and Jumping the Shark: Matched with the Space Shark.

Ash Raven Author Interview
Author Interview: Ash Raven

Welcome to 'Author Interviews with Monster Smut Sticker Club', where we spotlight the brilliant authors behind your favourite monster romance novels. In each post, you'll discover the inspirations, challenges, and creative processes that shape their extraordinary stories. Whether you're a devoted reader or new to the genre, these interviews will provide a unique glimpse into the heart of the author and monster romance storytelling.

Today, we're excited to welcome Ash Raven, the talent behind The Librarian of Souls and Jumping the Shark: Matched with the Space Shark.

Ash Raven is an indie author who specialises in spicy monster and alien romances that focus on plus-size and LGBTQ+ leads who get the love of a lifetime. They strive to write stories that are inclusive and real, with a touch of magic and a boat load of spice. When they are not writing, they are cuddling with their two orange cats and playing cosy video games.

You can find their books on kindle unlimited or check out their patreon for exclusive monster romance stories and art.

What lead you to realise you wanted to be a writer? And when did it occur?

ASH: I think it really started out of spite when I was in the sixth grade. I had spent every school year previous to that in special grammar tutoring while other kids had free reading time so I could basically learn how to read, like period. And it lead to a lot of bullying by my peers and other adults. It wasn't until I met an author in real life that I realised reading and writing wasn't something that should give me the anxiety it was at the time. It could be fun. I was very lucky to even have those programs and for my school to take an initiative to invite Children's Author and Educator, Sharon M Draper, to do a talk and signing about her books. She was my first book haul, my mom gave me enough cash to buy all her books to have them signed and I read every single one... six times over at least. She got me into reading and writing fiction.

What was the most surprising lesson or self-realisation you encountered while writing your books?

ASH: That I can be as weird as I want to be. Monster and Alien romance isn't just vampires and purple men. They can be whatever I want, and I want to try them all (including vampires and purple men lol).

Which authors, if any, do you draw inspiration from? And why?

ASH: SJ Tilly, Viano Oniomoh, Darcy Dahlia/Rebel Carter/Jupiter Belle, and Lyonne Riley - All of these authors right books that immediately sucked me and got me hooked into their characters and worlds. Even when it's just regular humans doing human things, they write books that I binge read.

What important advice would you give a first-time author?

ASH: Talk to other authors, make friends and find your people in the community. This can be a lonely place sometimes, but it doesn't have to be when you are surrounded by peers.

Out of the available stickers in Sticker Drop 01, which is your favourite?

ASH: Definitely the rope tied hands, the size difference looks so good in that one.

Here is Ash's latest release:



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